Curtis Edwards

VFX Supervisor
On-Set Supervisor
Virtual Asset Supervisor

Curtis has a passion for leading talented teams to create state-of-the-art digital experiences. With extensive knowledge of technology and interdepartmental workflows he guides teams across departments, keeping artists on point to create a cohesive overall-look, assisting filmmakers to create their vision.

With a career spanning over 20 years, Curtis has contributed to the visual effects industry through many leading studios such as Digital Domain, Disney, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Warner Bros, MPC, Weta Digital and Rising Sun Pictures.
He contributed to blockbuster productions ranging from AVATAR, THE HUNGER GAMES, TRON:LEGACY, 10.000 BC, TITANIC, 5TH ELEMENT and

Hands-on Approach

virtual production, on-set and post.

With heavy involvement in emerging technologies, Curtis is able to keep a pulse on new cinematic work-flows and infrastructure.
His holistic and hands-on approach delivers efficient solutions that serve the story for both virtual and VFX productions.


From virtual production to the final frames.

Born and raised in New Zealand, Curtis enjoys nature, sandals and a passion for creating and playing music.